Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

March 2009 Blog Posts (4)

Press Release- The River Writers

Just as Mark Twain made the Mississippi River famous in his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Westwood High School “River Writers” Team is going to make the Flint River memorable in our first chapter of the Immersion Project 2009. This group consists of two leaders, Ms. Betsy C. and Mrs. Meg W., along with 15 high school students from grades 9-12. We fifteen… Continue

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Press Release!

Flint River Immersion Project 2009

Westwood School is hosting a 2009 Immersion Project that is taking place along the banks of the Flint River. The Flint River is home to many creatures and plant life. It is also home to the all so famous floods of both 1994 and 1998. Along with Mrs. Azalee V. and Coach Noel N., 14 students are going to be spending a week of the… Continue

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Why did we choose the Flint River as our immersion project?

Several reasons prompted this choice. First, it is one of the county's greatest natural resources. It is rich with history and is an ideal subject for scientific exploration. Few people know that it has the longest free-flowing stretch of river of any river east of the Mississippi. It has a unique ecology and is a huge part of local recreation. Secondly, students need to understand and appreciate the river for itself and what it brings to our community. Hopefully, they will become future… Continue

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How to get started

1) Each person in the group needs to join the Flint River Ning created for this. Just go to http://flintriver.ning.com and click join. You will have to wait to be approved, but it usually will take less than 24 hours.

2) Each group should create their own group under "Groups." A student can do this, but make sure that your teacher/ leaders are promoted to administrators of the group.

3)… Continue

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