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Knowing Your Stuff

On Tuesday a group of the members of the History group traveled to Baker County to meet Mr. Kenneth Deese on his property bordering the Flint River. When we arrived he had a table of artifacts prepared to present us with ranging from the vertebrae of an extinct fish to numerous arrowheads from multiple time periods. Following the presentation of his findings he took us on a boat ride up and down the river. Then, to top off the whole experience, he cooked us delicious ribs that simply fell off… Continue

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In Retrospect

Looking back at the project, it's easy to see that the first time has been a building year. Everything was felt out to see how well the project was going to work and the possibility of continuing the project in the future. My blatant opinion is that it can be done better. There have certainly been good points which have been reached, especially in the field trips to Mr. Glenn Cox's and Mr. Kenneth Deese's places to interview them and briefly study their finds on the river. I think that mother… Continue

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Flint River Immersion Project Reflection 2009

Westwood Schools has developed a project called Flint River Immersion Project. The students will take a week out of the school year to learn information about the Flint River. The project was divided up into five different groups. Each group was given a certain school academic to learn about throughout the week. I participated in an elite with Jordan B.… Continue

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My Immersion Project 2009 Reflection

This week was very exciting. We did a lot of very cool things on the river. Monday we went to the Java first thing, and interviewed a few people and recorded a pre project reflection.

Pre Project Reflection

Find more videos like this on Flint River Project

Second Day Reflection…


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Flint River Reflection and Poem

The week on the Flint River has been amazing. The second day we went to the Morgans river property. It was really nice. Our group split up in two and half of us went on a pontoon boat while the other half hiked, took pictures, and wrote poetry. My group on the pontoon boat first and we learned many different things. It was really cold and rainy, but it was a great experience. After our long boat ride, it was our turn to write poetry. This was my poem:

>The Almighty… Continue

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Final Blog

The project that we are working on has been very successful and fun. The third day we were out we we went on a nature hike with Mrs. Betty right next to the Flint River. We hiked for about a mile through the woods as we gotten eaten alive by Misquotes. As we walked through the woods we saw many different trees, shrubs, and a few flower. We didn't see many flowers because of the flooding that occurred there but the ones we did see we saw in abundance. Our whole group learned a lot that… Continue

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The Flint River- Poem

The Flint River:

The river is old and new

It can be hot and cold

And there is the water and the sky

It can be peaceful but at the same time loud

It has a lot of sand and mud

There are many different boats and kayaks

It has life and death

And many different colors

From the prettiest flowers to the dark part of the river

It has trees the size of rocks and rocks the size of trees

The river; full of everything

By: Matt

The Flint… Continue

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Flint River Project reflection

We start off the week with going to Mr. Waymon Cross's art gallery in hopeful. We went there and he told us a little history of the river that he exprienced in his life time. After we went there he took us to a few different place along the river and then we ate lunch at Big Jack's in Newton. We went back to the school and started working hard on the project.

The second day we went to ride the pontoon boats and write poems. we had two group while one was riding the other was writing. after… Continue

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My Immersion Project Reflection :P

This week on the Flint River has been a load of fun, but even though we had so much fun we still learned alot about the river. We covered alot of ground in a very short amount of time. We talked to people who were born and raised on the river, and we got to go out on the river ourselves.

On Day 1 we visited Frans Frames and Galleries to talk to Mr. Waymon Cross and admire his amazing photography. He took us to the Vada and Newton boat landings and Covey Rise Plantation to take some… Continue

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Will's Flint River Poem

Flowing river

Long and winding

In the history of ages past

Not a sliver

This river has many findings

Rapid current, flowing fast

In its bed are treasures dear

Very old and wise as well

Events from yesteryear

Returning from the past with a story to tell.

My poem is an acronym poem.

I think that is is a good desription of the Flint River. I did it all on… Continue

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The Flint River experiance

For many years I believed the Flint River was just a place to go onto with a boat, or to spend an afternoon fishing on. I never really took the time to actually LOOk at the river itself and its immense ecosystem. This project has helped to made me intimately aware of the Flint's importance to an ecosystem thousands of miles long and to the lives of millions of people. In the science group i got to traverse over many miles of the flint and discovered that there was so much diversity to its… Continue

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Flint River Reflection

These past days have been the best school days of my life. We have gotten to see historical places, hear amazing stories, boat, and much more. I thank Mrs. Betty Shiver for letting our school start this project. I would never appreciate the Flint River, or know of it's amazing beauty if it wasn't for the Immersion Project!


Monday, was a very fun day. We first went to Hopeful to… Continue

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Science Group 3: Day 3- Water Testing and Day 4- Kayaking

Day 3

On the third day of our Flint River Immersion Project, my group and I went on the river with Mrs. Dean to collect water samples. Luckily, we had Mr. Joe Curls Sr. and Mr Joe Curls Jr. to drive the pontoon boat and navigate us on the river. When we started out at the Morgans' place, the temperature was 24 degrees C. and we were in forty-two feet of water. At site one, which was just off of the Morgans' dock, the temperature and feet were the same. At site two, we were in twelve… Continue

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My Flint River Reflection

I have had a great time working on the flint river. It has been a once in a lifetime experience. I hope that it won't actually be a once in a lifetime experience though. This has definitely been a worth while experience, in which I have learned much about the community and wildlife that I live in. I've been able to do water testing, kayaking, search for critters, and observe the wild flora of the region. I hope that I will be able to re-live this experience next year, to revisit the fun that I… Continue

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Day 2 of Immersion

On the second day of Immersion we went to Mr. Glen Cox' place. He showed us lots of cool artifacts like an atlatle and pottery. He took us on a truck ride where he showed us a blue hole and a spring. We watched Pate get beat up by a couple of limbs. I am really ready to see what we are going to do tomorrow and get started on our presentation.

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Taylor's Second blog

On my third day of the Flint River Project I was with Mrs. Dean, in the water testing group. When we arrived at the Morgans dock we were met by Mr. Joe Curls, and his son Joe Curls Jr.. They took us out on a pontoon bout to the different sites where we would collect water to bring back to test. We had four different spots where we collected water. Back at the school we tested the turbidity of the water, the phosphate level, and the nitrate and ph levels of the river water.

On my… Continue

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Flint RIver Project Day 3

On day three my group went with Mrs. Betty and we went on a hike and studied trees. We learned a lot about trees that day because some of the trees we could not even identify. But luckily Mrs.Betty knew what kind they were and she told us and know we know to. We also found some animal tracks and some homes of other animals. Then we found where some animal had made a weird track and tried to identify it and we never could. We came back and got on her Mule and rode around and looked at more trees… Continue

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Reflection Post of the Whole Week

I am part of the water testing group in the main Science group led by Mrs. Dean. The first day we went out on the boat to collect water samples and get the water temperature so that we could further learn about the Flint River. After we finished collecting the water, we went back to the school so that we could commence in the testing of the water. Kathryn, Kara and I performed the turbidity and… Continue

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taylor"s 1st blog

My first day on the flint river was very fun! i went with Mrs. Jenni to flush out micro invertebrates of the flint river. When we arrived to our location we all made sue to cover our entire body with mosquito spray! After we had we made our way down to the water, talked about what we were going to try to find. We weren't very successful in finding much. When we arrived back at school e determined it was because the river was high and flowing very swiftly.

My second day of the Flint… Continue

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Science group day 4

Today we went kayaking, this was one of my favorite experiences of the Immersion project. We started of at the boat ramp and then just sort of floated down river. I kind of wish someone had fallen out completely just to get a huge kick out of it. Here are some pictures of the river.…


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