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Adventures on the Flint - Poem from Day Two

This poem was inspired by the leaves that get caught by the flow of the river and then take a journey down the Flint. They pass by many things, seeing more of nature than anyone would ever see on an ordinary day of life. Their life is the river and the wildlife surrounding it. These journeys end when the leaves land on the sandy shores of sandbars or the banks of the river… Continue

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Adventures on the Flint with Hilliary - Part One, Two, Two and a Half, and Three

Part One

On part one of our adventure on the famous Flint River of south Georgia we took a visit to Fran's Frames to interview Mr. Waymon Cross, photographer and owner of the frame shop. Growing up on the Flint, Mr. Waymon knows all the perfect photo spots. Once we finished interviewing him, he gave us the grand tour of his favorite spots while giving us tips on how to get the perfect shots of the river. We stopped to photograph three spots including Covey Rise Plantation and… Continue

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Day 1: The first day of the journey on the Flint River we went about half a mile from Mrs. Lynda Morgan's dock and looked for animals living in the water. Trey and I found an Beaver skull. The group together sat on Mrs. Betty's reading tree to take a break. We found minnows, spiders, mussels, bugs, and dragon flies. We also discovered and endangered species of mussels.

Day 2: We went hiking with Mrs. Betty and Mr. Micheal through the woods, on the second day. My group… Continue

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The Immersion Project was a fabulous end to a long school year. Our administration has found something for their students that not only is educational, but is also an amazing experience. The literature group learned about the Flint River by using their creative skills, and by analyzing during our poetry contest. By forcing us to stop and actually look at our surroundings, the Immersion Project allowed us to enjoy one of God's greatest gifts to man. Literature essays like Nature, and… Continue

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Poetry from day 2

I was inspired to write this poem because when i was writing this, i was in the middle of all these beautiful trees. They had moss all over them, some looked as if they had been struck by lightning. It inspired me because trees are very strong.


Many years to make

Many storms to take

Many songs to be sung from its branches

Many falls to endure

Many parasites to strangle the life away

So many things to end… Continue

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Flint River Project Pictures

This is Taylor Boone throwing the thermometer into the river.

This is Taylor Boone taking the temperature of the water.

Taylor Boone reading the temperature.

This is me getting water for water testing.

Me trying to get Mrs.Jenny's net unstuck.…


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Fourth Day!

The last day on the river, Mrs. Betty Shiver took us on a nature hike by the river. We rode the Mule on the Morgan's part of the river. It was really interesting learning about different types of trees and leaves. I now can identify trees by there leaves and bark. We found many tracks, and a dead hawk in a tree. Mrs. Betty Shiver told us about the past and how she grew up on the river. She really knows what she is talking about, and it was great for her to share it with us.

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Macro Invertibrates

My group went to this really cool section of the river on our fourth day. Mrs Smith is an awesome teacher and she knows how to make science really fun. We searched for macro invertibrates. One particular species that our teacher was eager to find is known as a helgramite. These things look like a water centipede. They love the cool underside of the rocks under the water. We also found crawfish and other interesting species. We should definately do this project again next year. I believe that is… Continue

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My Reflection for the Immersion Project

The immersion project we had was great and fun. I got to learn several things about plants and animals.

On my first day I had the nature walk group with Mrs.Betty. We found all kinds of plants like live oak, red oak, and pine trees also we found animals like blue jays, a hawk, and a caterpillar looking thing as we walked up and down the flint river.

The second day I was with Mrs.Dean testing water. We rode on a pontoon boat to collect water samples. Then we got to test the… Continue

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Immersion Project Summary

The Immersion Project was a great way to give others that are not as familiar with the Flint River a different outlook on the environment and the benefits it has to our surrounding communities. Throughout the week we were able to get on the water and travel the surrounding woods along the bank. We not only found specimens of the flora and fauna, but we also got to see and examine some of the wildlife. On the first day we were with Mrs. Betty taking a nature walk down the bank of the river, and… Continue

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Last and final day on the river

Today we went to Mrs. Linda Morgan's house to see the Flint again. When we got there Coach Ross took us down some trails on a hike then we went and searched for artifacts in the water. We never found anything but we still had fun doing it. Later we walked back to the dock and then Mr. Jo Curles took us for a boat ride on his pontoon boat down the river. He showed us his many arrowheads and cool stuff he had found. We went all up and down the river and then he took us back to the dock. We got… Continue

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Sydnee's Weekly Reflection

This week has been so much fun! Looking back I have learned so much this week about all of the different aspects of the Flint River. I was in the science group.During the four days, I was with four different teachers.

On Monday my group was with Mrs. Betty looking at the different plant life near the river. We were in the woods on the Morgan's land. We saw many different types of trees and flowers. When we got back to school, we identified all of the different things we saw… Continue

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Yesterday my group was fortunate enough to travel to the Flint River with Mrs. Betty. We got to ride on her mule most of the time due to her being tired. On the trail along the river, we stopped many times to identify trees, flowers, and other indigenous plants. Each of us in the mule had a tree guide to identify distinct trees. We learned easy ways to tell the difference between red and white oaks by certain leave shapes and the bark texture. There were also other trees that we learned many… Continue

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Pictures from the immersion project

A oak tree we found that had the base of it hollowed out.

A dead tree we found on the nature walk with Mrs.Betty.

A limb from a tree that we found that hung out over the Flint.

A hugh oak tree we found on the nature walk.

A tree being… Continue

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My day 3- kayaking

On Day 3, my group went kayaking on the Flint. Sydnee and I had a two person kayak and we acutally did really well for our first time kayaking together. We saw many interesting things while we were out on the water. We saw two deer before we even got into out kayaks. Sydnee and I got stuck on a rock and ran into a tree, which was really funny after it was all over. Our trip took a while longer than everyone elses because some people in our group flipped their kayaks, and we had to wait on them.… Continue

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Learning in the Arts

On Tuesday, we traveled to the Morgan's to interview Mr. Bubba J. After conducting his interview, Ms. Betsy allowed us to venture to a quiet place that we could find to write a poem. I found my quiet place on a little sandbar surrounded by water on both sides. It was a great place to write and meditate. I was able to write Embracing Life's Beauty, a poem that describes the Flint River.

Embracing Life's Beauty

Sitting under the river tree

Dare I…

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Blog post 2

Wednesday we went to the Flint River Aquarium to look at the animals that used to be and that still are in the Flint river. They had a lot of huge fish tanks that had an assortment of fish. They had one snapping turtle that was big. They also had a blue hole tank that was 22 ft. deep. You could walk down into it and see all of the fish inside of it. We also went to an IMAX theater that they had and watched a movie about some of the animals that have lived in the Flint river. They took us in a… Continue

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Flint River Reflection and Poem

I think that this Flint River Immersion project was very fun and interesting. I had a great time with the literature group with Mrs. Meg and Ms. Caldwell.

On Day 1 we went to Fran's Frames and Galleries to interview Mr. Weymon Cross, a photographer who takes pictures of the Flint River. After the interview, we went to several of his favorite locations near the Flint River to photograph the river. One of the places we went was the boat landing in Newton where the old bridge once was.… Continue

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Week at the river

Monday the literature group went to Fran's Frames and Gallery and talked to Mr. Waymon Cross. We interviewed him about his pictures of the Flint river and how his he got inspiration from the Flint for his pictures. We went to many different sites where we were able to see many beautiful places. After traveling around the river, we went to Big Jack's and had a nice barbecue lunch.

On Tuesday we went to Mrs. Linda Morgan's house and had a… Continue

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Kathryn's Flint River Reflection Post

I was in the science group this week during the Flint River Project. The group was awesome, and we had tons of fun throughout the week. The first day we collected water and tested it, the second day we kayaked, the third day we searched for invertebrates, and the fourth day we took a nature ride around the river. I think that this project was a great experience for our school. We got to collect water and test it which taught us how to test water, and it taught us facts about the water quality… Continue

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