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The Immersion Project- What made it special

The Immersion Project was great. I had so much fun. I learned so many things that I never knew before about the Flint. Most of all, I learned respect for the river that does so much for our community. To reflect on everything that I did throughout the past week, I posted a schedule of everything that my group, Literature, did everyday and what I enjoyed most about it. I had the great opportunity to film everything that we did. I am so glad that I was able to capture the beauty of the Flint… Continue

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My Pictures From the Flint River Project

This is my friend Mason. He was my partner during most of the Flint River Project.

The contraption in the back will remove antlers from deer by catching them in the bungee cords. We saw this on the hike with Mrs. Betty.

This is a dead hawk that we saw while we were on the hike with Mrs. Betty. m…


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My Reflection on the Flint River Project

I had lots of fun this week learning about the Flint River and going to it everyday.

On the first day my group went with Mrs. Jenni to look for macro-invertebrates in the river. We didn't have too much luck in finding many, but we found a few. We also found a beaver skull in the river. We also saw lots of mussel shells and some turtles.

On the second day my group went with Mrs. Betty to hike through the woods around the river to look at the plant life. We saw lots of… Continue

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My Pictures from the Flint River Project

Here are some of the pictures I took during the project.

This is the beaver skull we found Monday with Mrs. Jenni.

This is one of the flowers we saw with Mrs. Betty while we were hiking through the woods.

This is another one of the flowers we found with Mrs. Betty while we were hiking.…


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Science: Group 3&4, Day Four

On Day Four Group 3 went with Mrs. Jennifer to the Flint River to kayak. We kayaked for about 2 hours and then we stopped and at the Cox's to eat our lunch. Then we got to ride around on their jeep for a little while until we left.

Group 4 went with Mrs. Dean to get water from the Flint to test. When they got back, they tested the turbidity of the water but they didn't have time to do some of the other test.

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Group 1 and 2-Day 4

Group 1
Today group 1 was with Mrs.Betty looking at the different types of plant life. They were in the woods behind the Morgan's house.

Group 2
Today group 2 was with Mrs. Jenni. They were in the river looking for macro invertebrates. The group saw numerous snails, water bugs, and muscles.

Both groups really enjoyed the immersion project!

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My Weeks Reflection

This week I learned more about the floods of 94 and 98 than I ever thought i would have. I learned there was a flood in 94 and 98 at the Flint river, I never really looked into the Flint river much...The cause of the 94 flood was the tropical storm Alberto and the cause of the flood in 98 was just from a lot of rainfall.

My partner Joy J. interviewed Anne lamb who is in charge of emergency management of the Flint River in Mitchell county.… Continue

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My Part in the Flint River Project

Throughout the week, we have interviewed seven different people to get their views of the Flint River and to get a better understanding of how the floods of 1994 and 1998 affected Mitchell County. My job has been to take pictures of the river, interviews, and anything else that is significant to our studies. The first day, I went to Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center where I took pictures of an interview of Mr. Woody Hicks. On Tuesday, I toured… Continue

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Poems :) Flint River

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Flint River Adventures!!

The week of May 11-15 the Westwood Schools high school is studying about the Flint River. I am in the Literature group. We are called the river writers.

On day one of our adventure we went to Hopeful to Fran's Frames and Galleries to speak to Mr. Waymon Cross. Mr. Cross is a photographer, and owner of Fran's Frames. He showed us all around his studio and discussed all his photos with us. We interviewed Mr. Waymon about his childhood on the river, and all about his photography.… Continue

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Joy's Reflection Post

During the Flint River Project, I learned many things. During Ann Lamb's interview, she told us all about how the emergency helpers respond to flooding. She gave us a lot of good information that will be useful in making the final video.

Yesterday, we went to the Flint River. We waited awhile for the boat. when the boat did come, my group was the first to go out. It was fun… Continue

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The Third Day

The third day of the project was the funnest day of the project. During the morning we were able to take a boat trip on the Flint. We were also able to go to Three Sister Island. During our boat trip on the Sun Tracker Signature Series pontoon boat we were able to see where high, running water had changed the color of the trees. We were also able to see where the Coolewahe Creek enters into the Flint River. After our ride on the river we went to… Continue

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Reflection of the Flint River Project

This past week as been exhilarating. We have traveled all over the Flint River studying the eyewitness accounts of the floods of 1994 and 1998. We have visited Riverview Plantation and Pineland Plantation interviewing Mr Cader Cox III and Mr. Chap Enfinger, both gave us much information. I had a great time on this trip.…


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Reflecton from the three days!

From the past three days I have learned interesting facts about our Flint River. Monday, Kaycie and I went to the Dougherty County Library to find useful information on the causes of the floods of 1994 and 1998. We not only found a little information to help us but we also found some information other groups might need. On Tuesday, we went to the… Continue

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The Flint River

This entire week has been really fun, going to the river. At first, I was dreading it because I thought it was just pointless. But my entire outlook on this has changed. I started only liking it to miss out on the last full week of school, but then I've learned there really is more to this project. To all the people we have interviewed, each and everyone of them has taught our group something in one way or another. We have interviewed three or four people and they have given us pointers on… Continue

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My poem!

The tiny boat rocks quietly back and forth,

As the patient fisherman watches his line

The black lab sleeps beside his owner,

Only waking up when a fish is pulled from the water.

It’s just another day on the peaceful river

To man and his best friend

The two must have a great life

Spending their hours on a boat on the river.

-This was my poem that we had to share with our group. The reason I wrote about the fisherman is because we saw him… Continue

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Pictures Highlighting My Week

We are looking at the corn in Greg hays feilds.

Mitch and I ended on a good day after interviews at Riverview Plantation.

We are getting ready for our ride with my Dad .

I am taking very high quality pictures of Mr. Woody Hicks .…


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Poetry Days

We spent two days working on our poems. Tuesday we went off on our own and found a quiet place where we could work. I found an area right on the water, and it was close enough to our picnic area (in case I saw a snake). I truly enjoyed having the time to sit and meditate on what the river inspired in me. I managed to write one short poem and one long poem. We had gone out on the pontoon boat earlier to see the river from a different perspective. We gained valuable insight from our guides, and… Continue

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My Reflection of the Week

This week has been full of many great experiences. While also being fun, the project was very educational. We got a chance to learn alot about the Flint River and the floods of '94 and '98. We went on a pontoon boat on the river and saw some trees that had a mark of how high the river had gotten during the floods. We also went under the bridge just before you go into Newton and our guide, Mr. Joe Curles really put into perspective for us the level of the river. It was all the way up the bridge,… Continue

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Reflection for the River project

This past week has been a very interesting week. We have undergone intense research on the river about the floods of 94 and 98, river keepers, and much more. We have all learned so much new stuff about the river that we never knew. Me and my partner learned about the river keepers, and we learned that they are a nationwide organization that are there to provide a voice for the streams. The river keepers are there to take care of any issues involved with the rivers that may include people… Continue

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