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Pre- Project Blogpost

I am so excited for the Immersion Project! I am a part of The Math Group. Here we will study the elevation of the river. We also will interview people who have had a hands on experience with the flooding. I think that we will learn a lot of things from this project and become more fond and familiar with the river. We will learn about not only the history of the river, but also the history of our community.…


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Pre- project reflection

The swine flu has gone global or at least that is what the doctors say. They said that a person has died from the flu but you can not get the flu by eating pork. The Health Organization says that 21 countries have the Swine Flu. Some of the countries are Europe, South America, and Asia.They say that the flu is 99 to 100% identical to one another and a vaccine will be easy to get. The Health Organization says that they have been keeping a close eye on this and if anything new comes up they will… Continue

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Flint River Conservation Video from the Nature Conservancy

This youtube video is one that some of those working with the Science group should probably… Continue

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River Stage Road - Understanding the Origins of transportation on and around the River

As the math group looks at flooding and the transportation and bridges around the river, page 34 of the Mitchell county history talks about the River Stage Road.

Written by Mrs. J.M. Spence in 1933, page 34 says:

"The River Stage Road ran from Albany to Bainbridge, crossing Flint River on a ferry in Albany a few yards north of the…

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History of Mitchell County and notes on the Flint

The History of Mitchell County is a great resource for people living in Mitchell County and was first published by the in 1933 by Mrs. W.C. Twittey and Mrs. Miller and then again in 1976 as part of the nation's bicentennial in 1976. The history covers through… Continue

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My Reaction to Southern Literature Written the summer before my senior year 7/21/1986

Between my Junior and Senior year of High school, I had the privalege of going to Governor's Honors in communicative arts where I fell in love with writing. Even though I went on to business school at Georgia Tech and followed my other love… Continue

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Questions when writing and rewriting poems

Illustration of a scribe writing

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These notes were from the summer I spent at Governor's Honors in 1986. I've been looking for a… Continue

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Press Release

Unlike many rivers today, the Flint River sustains a high-quality river habitat, uncontaminated water, and an abundance of species native to Georgia. Though it begins south of urban Atlanta and passes through an agricultural area, the river maintains its purity with the aid streamside forests, swamps and generally unimpeded river flow. This allows the surrounding river basin and adjacent lands to be home to many unique and intriguing animal and plant species, from the Halloween Darter, the… Continue

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Flint River Project Rapidly Approaching

The excitement and anticipation of the river project is steadily building as we approach the start of the project. Meetings are being conducted and final plans are being made in order to conduct research and go out into the field. Recent heavy rains in south Georgia have the Flint swolen as we speak, but we continue to anticipate the river falling back within its banks so that our groups can actually spend time on and around the river. I appreciate the hard work displayed thus far from our… Continue

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Flint River named one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers

CNN just released a report that the Flint River is one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers. CNN says:

2) Flint River Location: Georgia

The Flint is one of 40 rivers nationwide that still flow undammed for more than 200 miles. Conservationists…

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Press Release- The River Writers

Just as Mark Twain made the Mississippi River famous in his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Westwood High School “River Writers” Team is going to make the Flint River memorable in our first chapter of the Immersion Project 2009. This group consists of two leaders, Ms. Betsy C. and Mrs. Meg W., along with 15 high school students from grades 9-12. We fifteen… Continue

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Press Release!

Flint River Immersion Project 2009

Westwood School is hosting a 2009 Immersion Project that is taking place along the banks of the Flint River. The Flint River is home to many creatures and plant life. It is also home to the all so famous floods of both 1994 and 1998. Along with Mrs. Azalee V. and Coach Noel N., 14 students are going to be spending a week of the… Continue

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Why did we choose the Flint River as our immersion project?

Several reasons prompted this choice. First, it is one of the county's greatest natural resources. It is rich with history and is an ideal subject for scientific exploration. Few people know that it has the longest free-flowing stretch of river of any river east of the Mississippi. It has a unique ecology and is a huge part of local recreation. Secondly, students need to understand and appreciate the river for itself and what it brings to our community. Hopefully, they will become future… Continue

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How to get started

1) Each person in the group needs to join the Flint River Ning created for this. Just go to http://flintriver.ning.com and click join. You will have to wait to be approved, but it usually will take less than 24 hours.

2) Each group should create their own group under "Groups." A student can do this, but make sure that your teacher/ leaders are promoted to administrators of the group.

3)… Continue

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