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My Reflection on the Flint River Project

I had lots of fun this week learning about the Flint River and going to it everyday.

On the first day my group went with Mrs. Jenni to look for macro-invertebrates in the river. We didn't have too much luck in finding many, but we found a few. We also found a beaver skull in the river. We also saw lots of mussel shells and some turtles.

On the second day my group went with Mrs. Betty to hike through the woods around the river to look at the plant life. We saw lots of… Continue

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The Flint River Poem by Me (:

The tributary was anything but dreary,

It was living but not animate.

Nothing is able to stop the passion and dedication of its current.

It was unvoiced

but spoke so loudly.

Nature, its best friend,

yet greatest adversary.

The aroma of the watercourse, it's tranquil but agitated.

It has many comrades,

But also many violators that fill it with unwanted waste.

It is an abode to many organisms.

It is cherished and ignored.

It is the Flint… Continue

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My Experience at Riverview Plantation

Today about half of us went to Riverview Plantation. The purpose of going was to interview Mr. Cader Cox III, Mr. Cader Cox IV, and Mr. Greg Hays, who work there and experienced the floods of '94 and '98. I was there as an observer and to collect information that could be useful. The people that interviewed them had a set of questions prepared to… Continue

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History on the Water:The Flint River

In the early nineteenth century, white settlers poured into western Georgia to farm land between the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers, setting up large cotton plantations. In 1828, the first steamboats began to travel on the river. By 1860, more than 26 steamboat landings dotted the Flint between Bainbridge and the river's junction with the Chattahoochee. Steamboats traveled upriver as far as Montezuma until the sandy, shifting riverbed of the Middle Flint made the trips too treacherous.… Continue

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Arrowheads and Megalodon Teeth

Today Coach Timmerman's half of the History Group went to visit Mr. Glenn Cox, the father of Westwood senior Casey Cox and prominent farmer in Mitchell County. Mr. Cox posses immense knowledge about the Flint River, having lived on, near, and around it his entire life.

He spoke, in great detail, of the prehistoric time period and elaborated on the species of megafauna that inhabited the area of Georgia that we live in and those… Continue

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Pre- Project Reflection (Flood Stages and Elevation/Math)

The Immersion project will be very interesting. I am in the Math group. My partner is Michael J. Our topics are Elevation and Flood Stage. We are studying the flood stages in different places along the Flint River. We are also looking at the different elevations of the floods of 1994 and 1998.

This is the end of the first day. We have done a lot of research on the Flint… Continue

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My pre project Blog

The First Day we went to the Joseph W. Jones Research Center to talk to Woody Hicks.We interviewed him on the flood effects he had experienced .He was a very intelligent man and told us a lot about the floods he had experienced in his life . We also went to the bell tower to take pictures of the changes from when it was flood to now .At the… Continue

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Group 1and Group 2-Day 1

Group 1

Today was the first day of the immersion project. This group was with Mrs. Dean collecting water samples from four different sites.

Site 1

* This was the dock sample.

*It was 25- 30 feet deep in the middle.

*The temperature was 35 degrees Celsius.

Site 2

*This was 4 to 5 miles from site 1.

*It was taken at Koolawahee Creek where the creek mixes with the river.

*The temperature of this water was 24 degrees… Continue

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Flora and Fauna on the Flint: Post Project Refection

Rivers are some of the most human impacted ecological systems in the world. The Flint River plays a major part in the lives of many Georgians. The plants and animals, or flora and fauna, of the river play a vital role in keeping the river system balanced.


There are many different species of plants that are apart of the river system.

Some of these include the Shoals Spider Lily,… Continue

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Westwood School continues to take innovative ideas and put them into practice. The Flint River Project will enable our students to learn in a hands-on environment using research based practices of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking

It has taken hours of time to pull the this project together. It has been a joint effort with teachers, volunteers, and students all planning and organizing to get optimum use of our time and resources to make our project successful. We expect… Continue

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Common Fish Found in the Flint River

There are many different species of fish in the Flint River. The most common are bass, bream, catfish.

Shoal bass stay near the swift currents and near the rocky shoals.

Largemouth bass like to stay in the slower moving currents.…


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Animals of the Flint

There are many different and interesting animals in the Flint River!

One is the Bull Shark. Yes there are sharks in the Flint.

Bull Shark

Another is the Halloween Darter.

Shoal Bass

Largemouth Bass

Channel Catfish…


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Flint River: Small Town, Big Heart

The Flint River has touched the lives of many. It runs 150 miles from as far north as Atlanta to as far south as Apalachicola. The Flint River is fed by two local water sources in our area. It is fed by the Kinchafoonee Creek just north of Albany and the Ichawaynochaway Creek in southwestern Mitchell County. Somewhere along its long journey, the waters of the Flint have touched somebody's life. The Flint is used as a reservoir for irrigation for local farmers. With all of the rain that has just… Continue

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Flint River Project Rapidly Approaching

The excitement and anticipation of the river project is steadily building as we approach the start of the project. Meetings are being conducted and final plans are being made in order to conduct research and go out into the field. Recent heavy rains in south Georgia have the Flint swolen as we speak, but we continue to anticipate the river falling back within its banks so that our groups can actually spend time on and around the river. I appreciate the hard work displayed thus far from our… Continue

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Flint River named one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers

CNN just released a report that the Flint River is one of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers. CNN says:

2) Flint River Location: Georgia

The Flint is one of 40 rivers nationwide that still flow undammed for more than 200 miles. Conservationists…

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Press Release- The River Writers

Just as Mark Twain made the Mississippi River famous in his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Westwood High School “River Writers” Team is going to make the Flint River memorable in our first chapter of the Immersion Project 2009. This group consists of two leaders, Ms. Betsy C. and Mrs. Meg W., along with 15 high school students from grades 9-12. We fifteen… Continue

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Why did we choose the Flint River as our immersion project?

Several reasons prompted this choice. First, it is one of the county's greatest natural resources. It is rich with history and is an ideal subject for scientific exploration. Few people know that it has the longest free-flowing stretch of river of any river east of the Mississippi. It has a unique ecology and is a huge part of local recreation. Secondly, students need to understand and appreciate the river for itself and what it brings to our community. Hopefully, they will become future… Continue

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Press Release!

Flint River Immersion Project 2009

Westwood School is hosting a 2009 Immersion Project that is taking place along the banks of the Flint River. The Flint River is home to many creatures and plant life. It is also home to the all so famous floods of both 1994 and 1998. Along with Mrs. Azalee V. and Coach Noel N., 14 students are going to be spending a week of the… Continue

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How to get started

1) Each person in the group needs to join the Flint River Ning created for this. Just go to http://flintriver.ning.com and click join. You will have to wait to be approved, but it usually will take less than 24 hours.

2) Each group should create their own group under "Groups." A student can do this, but make sure that your teacher/ leaders are promoted to administrators of the group.

3)… Continue

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