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Adventures on the Flint with Hilliary - Part One, Two, Two and a Half, and Three

Part One

On part one of our adventure on the famous Flint River of south Georgia we took a visit to Fran's Frames to interview Mr. Waymon Cross, photographer and owner of the frame shop. Growing up on the Flint, Mr. Waymon knows all the perfect photo spots. Once we finished interviewing him, he gave us the grand tour of his favorite spots while giving us tips on how to get the perfect shots of the river. We stopped to photograph three spots including Covey Rise Plantation and the Newton Boat landing. After our photography adventure, we drove to Big Jack's restaurant to eat lunch. After eating we departed with Mr. Waymon Cross we drove back to the school in order to go through all of our many, MANY photos we had taken earlier so we could pick out our favorites to be printed. My number one was a picture of an old turtle shell that we had found down by the river. To end our first day, we received our 2009 year books. :)

Part Two

Part two of our Flint River adventures was a day of meditation and poetry writing. We departed from the school that morning and drove out to the Morgan's house. They have a dock on the water surrounded by woods and all of nature's beauty. Our big literature group split in half, one riding the pontoon boat and the other staying to write poetry in the woods. We rode down the river and back for about an hour, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. We spotted Mrs. Vicki along the way, trying to take pictures and video each group that rode down the river. Once back at the Morgan's my group all sat under the shelter because the rain had started. While there we wrote poetry about the river and the nature surrounding it. My poem was about the leaves that take a journey down the river. When the other group arrived at the dock we had a picnic lunch together under the shelter. After eating, Kaitlyn and I walked down to the water and into the woods to take some up close nature shots. Once everyone was done eating our wonderful sandwich lunch, we packed up in the cars and drove back to the school to type up our poems.

Part Two and a Half

After school on day two, Kaitlyn and I went to try and find the Sullivan Sandbar with the cut and dry directions someone had given us. Well, to say the least those directions were not at all correct in any shape, form, or fashion. We rode around for and hour or more driving down every dirt road we saw. One road took us behind a field into the woods, leaving us "lost" (so we thought) and having to choose between forks in the road many times. One turn off led us to a muddy, red clay road that had a huge, what looked like, a sink hole. Not wanting to drive on the sink hole-ish road, we turned around and drove out. We did find the river with one road, but never the sandbar. Not knowing what to do, we drove to Fran's Frames to ask Mr. Waymon for his help. He called Riverview Plantation, who owns the road going back to the Sullivan Sandbar, and got us the number and name of who we needed to call the next day in order to get on the sandbar. Thank you Mr. Waymon! :)

Part Three

Sullivan's Sandbar awaited us on part three of our Flint Adventures (thanks to Kaitlyn and I of course). This was our day of fun and our poetry recital on the sandbar. When we arrived at the sandbar everyone spread out and enjoyed the nature surrounding us. The sandbar was a gorgeous nature escape along the river. No one rode by the whole time we were there, leaving it quiet and full of wonder. Some people swam and others just walked along the shore. I just enjoyed all the nature and the quiet of the river. I walked along the whole sandbar, from one end to the other and back again. Once everyone was there, we had our somewhat picnic chicken box lunch. After we sat and listened as people took turns reading their poems to us. This day was probably my favorite day, not just because it was somewhat of a relaxing day, but also because we just got to sit and enjoy the quiet of nature along our Flint River.

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