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An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Today Coach Timmerman's half of the History Group went to visit Mr. Glenn Cox, the father of Westwood senior Casey Cox and prominent farmer in Mitchell County. Mr. Cox posses immense knowledge about the Flint River, having lived on, near, and around it his entire life.

He spoke, in great detail, of the prehistoric time period and elaborated on the species of megafauna that inhabited the area of Georgia that we live in and those surrounding us. While Mr. Cox claimed his artifact collection modest, each piece had a special significance, not only to Mr. Cox, but also to the history and the specific place of discovery. He showed us his "wall of arrowheads," pottery, megafauna bones and teeth (including the leg bones and hoof of a horse and megalodon and mammoth teeth), and other finds all of which he found throughout his life during explorations of the river area. Upon our inquiries, he explained to us that the river did not always run the course it follows presently. In order to find ancient artifacts we would need to find the prehistoric river bed, places where the river naturally churned the sand, or sandbars and banks that may have flooded recently.

Mr. Cox left us with one word of advice; "Get your education and find an occupation that you are passionate about. Even then, you will find your life stressful. When this happens the most important thing is to make time for yourself. For me, it is my walks on the river. It is my time to think."

In my opinion, Mr. Glenn Cox's lifelong hobby serves him well and leads him to boundless opportunities as well as prodigious knowledge of the history of his surroundings.

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