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An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Flint River Immersion Project Reflection 2009

Westwood Schools has developed a project called Flint River Immersion Project. The students will take a week out of the school year to learn information about the Flint River. The project was divided up into five different groups. Each group was given a certain school academic to learn about throughout the week. I participated in an elite with Jordan B. Our teacher during the week was Mrs. Vick Davis. We learned various aspects about the Flint River and describe the goals we planned to accomplish throughout the week.

Pre Project Reflection

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On Monday, we interviewed a few people at the Camilla Java about their opinion on damming up the Flint River. We received many different reactions. Some people agreed completely with the decision, others disagreed greatly, and some had never heard about this transition. After our morning interviews we ventured off to the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center to interview Woody Hicks with the math group. He provided us with valuable information about the Flint River and allowed us to take away a great deal of his time. The interview was a great success and I enjoyed hearing his immense amount of knowledge about the river. We went to Ichuaway Bridge after Woody Hicks' interview to take pictures and interview our teachers and students on what they hoped to accomplish throughout the week. After interviewing Woody Hicks and exploring the Ichuaway Bridge, we went back to the school to gather our thoughts for the rest of the week and to rip our footage shot from the day.

Dan Bollinger Interview

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On Tuesday, we went for our morning coffee break and produced a second day reflection about our project. I interviewed Kenth Dees with the history group. He enjoys diving in the Flint River to find valuable objects beneath the river surface. He possessed various artifacts from the river that he found over the years. Mr. Kenth explained the significance of each individual object. He shared with us his opinion about the pollution on the Flint River. He provided us with a personal example of pollution about chemicals found in the river water. I enjoyed his stories and learned a lot from his interview. After a long, hard day on the river we went back to the school and began the creation of our final videos.

Second Day Reflection

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On Wednesday, I had the opportunity of riding on a pontoon boat with the math group. I enjoyed having a day to relax and enjoy the nature and plant life on the river. I learned many important facts about the Flint River and heard numerous stories about the floods in Georgia. I gathered photos of the water depth, animals, and plants on the river. I interviewed a few students about their future accomplishments this week and interviewed some teachers about their teachings during the week. After our boat ride we went to eat at Big Jacks and then we went back to school to finish our videos and gather footage throughout the day.

On Thursday and Friday, we worked on our final video presentations and provided help for any other students that were having problems with their projects. It takes an immense amount of time to upload photos and rip video from the week so we decide to take a day and gather our media and organize our findings.

On Monday, we began completely our videos. We added the final touches and started to test our presentations to make sure they were well developed and presentable.

Final Presentation

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