Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Westwood School continues to take innovative ideas and put them into practice. The Flint River Project will enable our students to learn in a hands-on environment using research based practices of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking
It has taken hours of time to pull the this project together. It has been a joint effort with teachers, volunteers, and students all planning and organizing to get optimum use of our time and resources to make our project successful. We expect to discover, learn, and make some mistakes along the way, which is a learning process, too. We are thankful to our supporters, Linda and Harris Morgan, Cader Cox, Kenneth Deese, Glenn and Tina Cox for allowing us access to the river on their property and being so generous with their time and knowledge.
All groups have unique ideas and plans, and all groups will have the opportunity to actually go out onto the river. For some this will be a new experience.
We hope others will follow our progress during the week and learn along with us

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Comment by Vicki Davis on May 8, 2009 at 5:29pm
Today when the first person came for an interview, the hair on my neck stood up as he began to talk about the Flint River and preservation issues with the river. When I went in the library and saw a student reading the entire history of Mitchell county, tears welled up in my eyes to see him look at the history of our beautiful county. As I read the blog posts of the students who did research today, it moves me.

Just as when you and I headed to Qatar with a big of apprehension but the feeling in the pit of our stomach that something life changing was about to happen -- that feeling is back. We don't know what will go right or wrong - but we do know that we prayerfully give this school to God and ask him to guide us.

Your leadership at Westwood is such an inspiration and legacy to all of us here at Westwood. Thank you for leading us and bringing out the best in all of us. We'll see what happens - but if that feeling in my gutt is right like it was last time - this is something we'll talk about for the rest of our lives. Thank you for making this happen.

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