Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

We start off the week with going to Mr. Waymon Cross's art gallery in hopeful. We went there and he told us a little history of the river that he exprienced in his life time. After we went there he took us to a few different place along the river and then we ate lunch at Big Jack's in Newton. We went back to the school and started working hard on the project.
The second day we went to ride the pontoon boats and write poems. we had two group while one was riding the other was writing. after the two groups did that we ate lunch at the Morgan's boat dock. Then we left to go back to school to work on the project some more.
The third day and my last day we stayed at the school til 11 and everyone worked on their own little parts of the project. Kayla and I had the job of finding the music. At 11 my group and I went to get lunch for everyone and then we headed out to Sullivan Sandbar to read our poems and eat our food. When we got there, half of us explored the sandbar and other chilled and ate. Then we read our poems and headed back to the school to work some more.
that was my Flint River Project

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