Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

These past days have been the best school days of my life. We have gotten to see historical places, hear amazing stories, boat, and much more. I thank Mrs. Betty Shiver for letting our school start this project. I would never appreciate the Flint River, or know of it's amazing beauty if it wasn't for the Immersion Project!

Monday, was a very fun day. We first went to Hopeful to Fran's Frames and Galleries to interview Mr. Weymen Cross. He has been taking pictures and drawing the Flint River for many years. Mr. Weymen had so many childhood stories, beautiful pictures, and interesting photography tips for all of us. After we got done with the interview, we went to three different spots along the river to photograph. At one of the spots, I caught a baby turtle! We got so many beautiful pictures, and everyone was happy and pleased with the day. After we were done at the river, we went to Big Jack's in Newton. When we got done eating our delicious meal, we went back to the school. When we got there, we picked out our three best photographs and printed out our favorite one. Monday was a great day and it showed everyone that the Immersion Project was going to be so much fun!

Even though there was an overcast and a frequent rain, Tuesday was awesome! First we interviewed Mr. Bubba Johnson on the Morgan's property. Mr. Johnson is Mrs. Betty Shiver's brother, and he knew a lot about the Flint! He told so many stories, and some very important tips about the Flint River. One very important thing he told us was if you ever get caught in a strong current to never fight it; to just try to stay above the water, and that it will always lead you to the bank. After that interview, half of the group got to go on a boat ride, while the other half stayed near the bank and wrote poetry about the river. Each member of the group picked their own spot near the water to get inspiration and to write a poem. After that, we swapped and my group got to go on the boat. We rode up and down a section of the river in a pontoon boat. Joe Curls and his father were our tour guides. They had both grown up on the river, and answered all our questions. They knew everything there is to know about the Flint! After the boat ride, we went back to the land and had a picnic. When we got back to the school, we all typed the poetry we had written, put a picture in the back ground, and edited them. After that, our group interviewed Mr. James Lee Adams. He was so educated on the river's history, and told us many tales and mysteries. After the interview, we started on editing the video, and started the Power Point presentation.

Wednesday -
Wednesday was the perfect day to be on the river. The weather was mild, and the sun was shining! The first half of the day, we stayed at the school and worked on our video, power point, and just got everything together. About ten we left for Mr. Cater Cox's land. When we got there we immediately jumped in the water! There were huge dunes, and we ran down them. It was so much fun! After we got done swimming, we read all of our poems by the water. On the way back to the school, we picked up our favorite pictures from Fran's Frames and Galleries. When we got back, we got all of the pictures together and started framing them. A few of us were working on the presentation video and our blog posts.

Thursday was not very eventful because of field day. About eight fifteen, we left for Camilla Java to get a quick snack, then we left for the Flint River Bank. We went to the bank, because quite a few of Mr. Weymen Cross' pictures were hanging up in there. After we got back, we mainly just stayed at the school and got most of our video done, and worked on our blog posts until it was time for field day.

We did not get to go on the river Friday. We didn't get to go because of all the work we had to do to get ready for our presentation. A few of us worked on the main video, and I worked on a blog video. Everyone else worked on blog posts, and uploaded pictures. They also got the power point, the pictures, and the poems together. We also got all of our poems and pictures judged.

The Flint River Immersion Project has been the best project we have ever done. I learned so much about the Flint River and it's natural beauty. Thank you Mrs. Betty for letting us do this amazing project.

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Comment by Vicki Davis on May 16, 2009 at 10:34pm
I'm glad that you've enjoyed it. I feel like in many ways it has been the best days of my life at school also. I'm so thankful for Mrs. Betty planning it and all of the volunteers and people who helped make it happen.

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