Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

I think that this Flint River Immersion project was very fun and interesting. I had a great time with the literature group with Mrs. Meg and Ms. Caldwell.

On Day 1 we went to Fran's Frames and Galleries to interview Mr. Weymon Cross, a photographer who takes pictures of the Flint River. After the interview, we went to several of his favorite locations near the Flint River to photograph the river. One of the places we went was the boat landing in Newton where the old bridge once was. Another place was Covey Rise Plantation.

On Day 2 our group went to Mrs. Linda Morgan's house near the river to interview Mr. Bubba Johnson, take a boat ride with Mr. Joe Curles and his son, and to meditate near the river and write poetry. We also had a fun picnic by the river. After that we came back to the school to interview Mr. James Lee Adams.

On Day 3 we went to Sullivan's Sandbar on Riverview Plantation to have a picnic, recite our poems, and to swim in the Flint River. We interviewed Mrs. Engra Worsham at school that day.

This entire week has been very fun and I would like to do it again next year, only if I can be in the group with Mrs. Meg!

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