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Flint River Reflection and Poem

The week on the Flint River has been amazing. The second day we went to the Morgans river property. It was really nice. Our group split up in two and half of us went on a pontoon boat while the other half hiked, took pictures, and wrote poetry. My group on the pontoon boat first and we learned many different things. It was really cold and rainy, but it was a great experience. After our long boat ride, it was our turn to write poetry. This was my poem:

>The Almighty Flint
Flowing through the sands of time
The river bends with sublime.
It moves and shifts with currents a stray
The reflection is full of the sun’s ray.
The beauty this Flint beholds
Is seen as the water unfolds.
With fauna and flora galore
We see the beauty of the earth’s floor.
Although it is brown and hazy
The attraction is not lazy.
Its swiftness is a sight to see
Especially when it is so free.
With obstacles in its sight
It moves with a great might.

When we got back to school that day, we finished our poetry and put one of the pictures we took and added it to the poem. We then prepared them for our poetry reading set for the next day.

Day three on the river was very eventful. In the morning Mrs. Engra and I worked on my fresco painting and many of the others prepared for interviews, worked on video, and worked on the slideshow. After that, we ordered chicken boxes and went to Sullivans Sand Bar to spend the afternoon. We took pictures, read our poetry, and last but not least, took a dip in the river. The water was really cold, but we would run down the sand bar, then JUMP into the river…it was so fun! We were informed that the water was nasty, but that did not stop us! After that we loaded up and headed back to the school. Skylar and I attempted to figure out a way to display our photographs that Mr. Wayman Cross printed for us, but we were moderately unsuccessful and we called on Mrs. Vicki’s sister Sarah to help. In the end, our display turned out really good.

Overall, the whole experience on the Flint will last for my lifetime. I not only learned about the Flint River, but I also learned to express myself through poetry and painting. I also enjoyed spending the afternoon with friends. It was a great experience, and hopefully Westwood will continue to do this type of project throughout the years. Even though I am graduating, I would have loved to do something like this throughout high school.

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