Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Flint River: Small Town, Big Heart

The Flint River has touched the lives of many. It runs 150 miles from as far north as Atlanta to as far south as Apalachicola. The Flint River is fed by two local water sources in our area. It is fed by the Kinchafoonee Creek just north of Albany and the Ichawaynochaway Creek in southwestern Mitchell County. Somewhere along its long journey, the waters of the Flint have touched somebody's life. The Flint is used as a reservoir for irrigation for local farmers. With all of the rain that has just come to our area, the Flint is full to the brim. The Flint has also been a big tourists' attraction for the people of the southwestern area. Families will bring their boats and travel to the river and ski, tube, and just have a relaxing day on the sunny banks of the river. The Flint is also home to much Native American culture. While walking on the river's banks, you might find an arrowhead that dates back thousands of years ago. The Flint is also home to thousands of plant and animal life. The river will also play host to the high school students from Westwood, breaking ground on the first ever Immersion Project.

The Immersion Project is a project that we will participate in the week of May 11-15. We will be immersing ourselves into the history and culture of the Flint. The Westwood high school students were divided up into 5 groups back during the beginning of the year: History, Math, Literature, Science-Flora and Fauna, Science-Water Science. Each group will be studying the river according to their particular category. My group is Literature headed by Ms. Betsy C. and Mrs. Meg W. We call ourselves the River Writers. We will be studying about how the Flint has ties to the people around it. We will be writing poetry, taking pictures, sketching about the things that influence us about the Flint. We will also be interviewing people in the community that have special ties to the river. These people include Mr. Weyman Cross, Mr. Bubba Johnson, and Mr. James Lee Adams. By interviewing them, we hope to learn more about the river that flows through our lives everyday. To incorporate a little fun into this project, we will be having a picnic, taking hikes, and kayaking. We have a busy schedule everyday but we will make time for fun.

We see that there is a special attraction between writers and the river. Just as the might Mississippi ran through the pages of Mark Twain's novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Flint River will flow through the pages of our research and most importantly, through our hearts.

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