Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

I have been to the River for two days now. It has been a very fun and interesting experience. The first day the group and I went kayaking for two hours. Sumner and I got one together and we both had fun. We saw turtles and a few different birds. I ran Sumner into a tree and she got hit in the head by Betsy's paddle. We went over three different Indian dams that were built along time ago. It was a very good experience on the river.
The second day on the river the group was with Mrs. Jennie and our job was to locate creatures. We got nets, entered the river, thin flipped some rocks while scooping up stuff. We found many different creatures such as dragonflies, spiders, ants, and many others that we have yet to identify. After that we got some food and returned back to the school. So far this has been a really great experience.

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