Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Hope and Jordan worked so hard today getting our preproduction checklists and post production checklists in order. -- Boy, I've got to clean out the Durango just to make room for all of the equipment.

This project has pushed me to learn how to do several new things already with the video camera as well as getting out the lenses and learning how to use the tripod.

But truly this whole project resonates with the core of my being. As a landowner and descendant of at least eight generations of landowners in this county, the red clay and river are part of who I am. The flesh of my ancestors has become part of the soil, plants, and trees as mine will one day.

This land is our heritage and we must use it wisely. Water, trees, and air -- these are things we can no longer take for granted. Our incredibly deep underground aquifer is now something that legislators can legislate and some have discussed that natural resources underneath the state should belong to the state!

Others plan and want to dam the river upstream for recreation and other benefits - something that would also have an environmental impact on the animals and wildlife.

Truly, there are no easy answers but, after studying and learning about the Flint, these students will be part of the solution. I truly feel that there are students now involved in this project who are embarking on lifelong journeys as preservationists, agricultural managers, scientists, and environmental experts. It is happening now.

It is a joy to see and enjoy the energy of the students as they plan. It is an honor to stand in awe of the teachers who have planned this project and truly, I am in awe. It makes me feel very good about the professionalism and abilities to see how quickly these teachers have moved to put together a very rich, amazing project that will incorporate so many different aspects of learning.

Today, in Pam Dean's room, the board was fully of Ph charts and other chemical measurements that I could not understand. Casey C was interviewing the head of the Nature Conservancy in the film room with Hope, Jordan, and Kunjan filming. Students were doing preproject research in my room and Pate was reading the History of Mitchell County in the Library. (I wish we had more copies.)

For now, expect a run on bugspray and suntan lotion at WalMart and a run on new tennis shoes on Monday night for those who wore their nice shoes on Monday. Have a great weekend, I'm signing off now to watch Bride Wars. Look forward to Monday!

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