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History of Mitchell County and notes on the Flint

The History of Mitchell County is a great resource for people living in Mitchell County and was first published by the in 1933 by Mrs. W.C. Twittey and Mrs. Miller and then again in 1976 as part of the nation's bicentennial in 1976. The history covers through 1975.

These beautiful words are penned in the Introduction by Mrs. W.C. Twitty on February 1, 1933:

"Our fondest desire is that this volume may inspire our youths for generations to come to higher ideals of life and service to Him who has so richly bestowed on us a climate where the birds sing and the flowers bloom the year round, and where there is seldom a day but that fruits and vegetables abound."

Here we are almost 80 years later and we are looking into the history of our river and our area. Although the history of Mitchell County was written by a few after interviewing many, we have a new way to write history by writing it ourselves, here on the Internet in a way that allows us to share and preserve the history of this marvelous natural resource like never before.

This is a chance for students to study, form their own opinions and express their opinions through blogs, videos, photographs, and more.

For the history team, I have my copy of the History of Mitchell County in my room. I believe that our library also has a copy.

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