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An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

History on the Water:The Flint River

In the early nineteenth century, white settlers poured into western Georgia to farm land between the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers, setting up large cotton plantations. In 1828, the first steamboats began to travel on the river. By 1860, more than 26 steamboat landings dotted the Flint between Bainbridge and the river's junction with the Chattahoochee. Steamboats traveled upriver as far as Montezuma until the sandy, shifting riverbed of the Middle Flint made the trips too treacherous. Steamboats continued to travel below Bainbridge, mostly to ship cotton to Apalachicola, until 1928. Smaller boats and barges continued to travel from Bainbride to Albany and numerous ferries traversed the river. The last ferry crossing occured in 1988.

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