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How Flint River has Affected Albany and Surrounding

The Flint River is one of Georgia biggest resources and is also prone to floods. In 1994 after Tropical Storm Alberto, the river went up to heights of up to 43 feet in Albany, it resulted in the evacuation of many Albany residents, and creating one of the worst natural disasters in the state's history. Macons major transportation road I-75 was closed down because of flooding and Albany State University was also seriously flooded.During the flood the river became a few miles wide in some places. The water lifted caskets from cemeteries and left them along with drowned cattle and other livestock stuck in trees and other places. It also hurt in the wallet , $58 million dollars was what the damages were . In the wake of the flood 18 people died. The Flood of 1994 just comes to show that just because the Flint River is a major source of needs in Georgia ,it has its devastating side .

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Comment by danny shanny on May 8, 2009 at 7:05pm
I used wikipedia as a reference for my information and i did not copy and paste . I'm sorry for the confusion i made changes to the blog so it would happen again
Comment by Vicki Davis on May 8, 2009 at 5:32pm
This looks very similar to another post by someone else. Make sure that all of you have only original work here as we can look at Wikipedia if this is where it came from.

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