Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Looking back at the project, it's easy to see that the first time has been a building year. Everything was felt out to see how well the project was going to work and the possibility of continuing the project in the future. My blatant opinion is that it can be done better. There have certainly been good points which have been reached, especially in the field trips to Mr. Glenn Cox's and Mr. Kenneth Deese's places to interview them and briefly study their finds on the river. I think that mother nature may have played a role in the way things went as well. The stage of the river being as high as it was inhibited us from studying the river as we would've like to and even, in my opinion, took away from the natural beauty of the river that only comes when it is low.
I believe that if the project is continued in years to come, the teachers and leaders of the project will have a better idea of what areas to pursue and how to run the project better. As for the students, I believe there will be a fight for certain groups that each finds more interesting based on his or her observations from this year. I think that the project is a great way for many of the students to see what the Flint River holds, being more that just some water that they cross on the way to sporting events. Many of the people at Westwood, like myself, do visit the river near Bainbridge to go boating, swimming, and to engage in watersports. Yet, the part of the river bordering Mitchell County is strikingly different from the river as it reaches Bainbridge, which is slowed and widened my the dam at Lake Seminole. This project seems to be a great way for people to explore the importance of the river, to learn its history, and to find interest in it today.

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