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An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

On Tuesday a group of the members of the History group traveled to Baker County to meet Mr. Kenneth Deese on his property bordering the Flint River. When we arrived he had a table of artifacts prepared to present us with ranging from the vertebrae of an extinct fish to numerous arrowheads from multiple time periods. Following the presentation of his findings he took us on a boat ride up and down the river. Then, to top off the whole experience, he cooked us delicious ribs that simply fell off the bone.
The thing that impressed me most was the knowledge which he possessed of the Flint River and artifacts. I had brought a couple personal finds of mine in hopes that he might be able to identify them. As soon as he saw the arrowheads that I was holding he named them by what types they were. Upon looking them up in a book he had, his statements were confirmed. Following this, he took us onto the river. Keeping in mind that I live on a plantation which borders the river and that I grew up around and on it, I can say that I have a fairly good knowledge about a 7 mile stretch of the river. On Tuesday, after about 10 minutes of running up river, we entered the area of the river which I know so well. His navigation of the river at this point was perfect. He moved the boat as if each mile of the river was the only mile he knew.
It is easy for me to say that I was highly impressed by the knowledge of the river which Mr. Kenneth possessed. He brought a new, engaging element to our field trip by his passion with the water and the history which it held. Thank you very much, Mr. Kenneth, for your cooperation, patience, and all of your contributions which played a major role in our project.

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