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My Experience at Riverview Plantation

Today about half of us went to Riverview Plantation. The purpose of going was to interview Mr. Cader Cox III, Mr. Cader Cox IV, and Mr. Greg Hays, who work there and experienced the floods of '94 and '98. I was there as an observer and to collect information that could be useful. The people that interviewed them had a set of questions prepared to ask them and they just went through the list as they explained to us the event. It was all very interesting and being there where it was actually flooded gives you a whole different perspective of things. They showed us around the plantation and took us to the old office building. They had to clear out all of the furniture and they just made a whole new building to be safe in the future. We tried to find a specific tree that was there that contained a mark of how high the water was. They showed us different areas of what all was flooded and a single cottage that was not flooded. My Aunt Kay came on the trip with us and she took numerous pictures of the scenery and interesting things we saw. Going out there was a great experience and I hope the rest of this week will be filled with many more.

This is us listening to the interview with Mr. Cader Cox III.

This is us on the jeep that we road around the plantation on.

This is a picture of where some of the recent flooding occurred.

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