Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

My Immersion Project Reflection :P

This week on the Flint River has been a load of fun, but even though we had so much fun we still learned alot about the river. We covered alot of ground in a very short amount of time. We talked to people who were born and raised on the river, and we got to go out on the river ourselves.
On Day 1 we visited Frans Frames and Galleries to talk to Mr. Waymon Cross and admire his amazing photography. He took us to the Vada and Newton boat landings and Covey Rise Plantation to take some pictures of our own. Then we went and had lunch with him and came back to the school to upload our pictures and choose our three favorite ones for the presentation Tuesday.
Day 2 found us at Mrs. Linda Morgan's boat dock looking out on the water and writing poetry. We had a lovely time using the water to inspire our poetry. Our poems showed how each of us view the river and how it is so similar to us all. Then we went out on the pontoon boat with Joe Curles and his son Joe Curles Jr. When we came back from the boat ride we had a picnic of yummy sandwiches, crunchy chips, delicious cookies, chocolately brownies, and drinks. Then we came back to the school to type our poems and put a picture behind them.
On Day 3 We got chicken boxes from Krispy Chick and went to Sullivan's Sandbar and had a picnic on the warm, beachlike sand. After we ate and walked around on the sandbar for a little while, we read our poems to the group by the waters edge. Then a few of our crazy group member raced down the sand dunes into the water. When we came back to school we started working on our presentation and putting it together.
The last few days were very busy as we got as much done on our presentation as possible. We worked on our narrarations and displays, trying to make it all work the way we wanted it to. All in all it has been a very exciting fun filled week and I hope we do this Immersion Project next year as well.

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