Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

My Reflection for the Immersion Project

The immersion project we had was great and fun. I got to learn several things about plants and animals.

On my first day I had the nature walk group with Mrs.Betty. We found all kinds of plants like live oak, red oak, and pine trees also we found animals like blue jays, a hawk, and a caterpillar looking thing as we walked up and down the flint river.

The second day I was with Mrs.Dean testing water. We rode on a pontoon boat to collect water samples. Then we got to test the water for pH, temperature, nitrate, phosphate, and the turbidity of the water. All this was very interesting because I have never had to test water before.

For the third day we got to kayak down the Flint. This had to be the funnest day because Dustin and I had been in a kayak and got flipped on several rocks. The trip lasted about three hours and I was soaking wet since I had fell in. It was very fun because it was my first time kayaking down the Flint.

On the last day I was in Mrs.Jenni's group, the macro-invertebrates. We looked for several things like crawdads, fish, snails, and other critters like this. Also we found some things like the hellgamite bug that other groups had not found . I was paired with Jake, and we found several crawdads, snails, mussels, and little water bugs.

This was by far the funnest week that I have ever had at school. Also I learned several things that I never knew before and learned about all the animals and plants there also about the Indian dams that were made there to trap fish and other things.

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