Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

My Reflection on the Flint River Project

I had lots of fun this week learning about the Flint River and going to it everyday.

On the first day my group went with Mrs. Jenni to look for macro-invertebrates in the river. We didn't have too much luck in finding many, but we found a few. We also found a beaver skull in the river. We also saw lots of mussel shells and some turtles.

On the second day my group went with Mrs. Betty to hike through the woods around the river to look at the plant life. We saw lots of flowers, plants, and trees. We also saw many deer tracks. We even found some cacti.

On the third day my group went with Mrs. Pam on a pontoon boat to collect water samples from the Flint to test. When we got back to school, we tested the water's pH, the turbidity, and the phosphate and nitrate in the water. I also got to test the amount of oxygen in the water. That was really interesting and cool.

On the last day my group went kayaking with Mrs. Jennifer. That was lots of fun because I it was my first time kayaking. I kayaked in a two-seater with Christopher. We kayaked for about 2 hours until we got the place where we stopped and ate our lunch.

I am very glad we did this project because I learned a lot about the Flint River and the animals and plants in it and around it. I also had a great time doing it.

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