Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Reflection Post of the Whole Week

I am part of the water testing group in the main Science group led by Mrs. Dean. The first day we went out on the boat to collect water samples and get the water temperature so that we could further learn about the Flint River. After we finished collecting the water, we went back to the school so that we could commence in the testing of the water. Kathryn, Kara and I performed the turbidity and nitrate testing of the water. Of the two tests, the nitrate test turned out to be the most time consuming. On the second day my group went kayaking in the Flint. The kayaking turned out to be my favorite part of the week. While kayaking Kathryn and I shared a kayak. We had tons of fun kayaking down the river while splashing each other the whole way down the river. Then after we finished kayaking we went to Mr. Glenn's office to eat our sack lunches. After eating our lunch we headed back to the school to help Mrs. Dean with the testing of the phosphate. On the third day we went with Mrs. Jenni to collect animals which inhabit the Flint. After collecting some specimen from the Morgan's land we decided to go out to Kathryn Collins' farm that lies on the Flint and see what kind of specimen we could catch there. Taylor, Tyler, and I decided to get the large throwing net. Tyler and I were throwing the net and caught one fish. Then we threw it again and it got caught on a log and Taylor and I had to go get it. After retrieving the net we decided to go eat lunch at Burger King in Camilla. Then after lunch we went back to the school and identified some of the specimen that we caught out at the Flint. Then on the last day my group went with Mrs. Betty on a nature walk. While on the nature walk I learned about some trees and flowers that I did not know about. Overall I loved the Flint River Project, and I think that we should do it annually at our school so we may learn about the Flint River environment.

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