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River Stage Road - Understanding the Origins of transportation on and around the River

As the math group looks at flooding and the transportation and bridges around the river, page 34 of the Mitchell county history talks about the River Stage Road.

Written by Mrs. J.M. Spence in 1933, page 34 says:

"The River Stage Road ran from Albany to Bainbridge, crossing Flint River on a ferry in Albany a few yards north of the present memorial Bridge, closely following the east banks of the river, coming into Mitchell County near the Horse Shoe Bend plantation now owned by the R.J. Bacon's.
The first relay station in Mitchell was at Walton Springs. The only evidence of this station is now a dilapidated shelter standing near the mammoth live oak trees that once shaded the colonial, hospitable dwelling place of the Stokes Waltons, who were among the aristocratic pioneers of Mitchell County. This stage road crossed the Hawthorne Trail at China Grove cemetary, diverging again toward Flint River through lands now owned by G.D. collins, passing the once famous Arno school-house, on by the Fitzgerald cemetery, the Jim B. West plantation and the James T. Collins' home, with the next relay station at the home of John Johnson, now occupied by his daughter, Miss Jennie Johnson, 77 years old. From here the River Stage Road led on to Bainbridge, passing the famous farms and homes of the Coxes, the Keatons, the Ehrlichs, Cliatts, and Maples; the last relay station was on Gid maple's place.

With the help of W.H. Bullard and other friends, the historian traced this route but could not learn the names of any of the stage drivers except John Johnson, above referred to, which information was given by his daughter, Miss Jennie, as she showed me the place where her father relayed his horses and spoke of the joyful expectancy with which she and the other children awaited the coming of the Stage Coach."

It is fascinating to consider the stagecoaches that wandered along the river. It would be fascinating to see if you can determine any of these locations as I know we are going to spend some time on the Cox's plantation, Riverview Plantation. I couldn't find anything about flooding, just about the transportation here.

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