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An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Science Group 3: Day 3- Water Testing and Day 4- Kayaking

Day 3
On the third day of our Flint River Immersion Project, my group and I went on the river with Mrs. Dean to collect water samples. Luckily, we had Mr. Joe Curls Sr. and Mr Joe Curls Jr. to drive the pontoon boat and navigate us on the river. When we started out at the Morgans' place, the temperature was 24 degrees C. and we were in forty-two feet of water. At site one, which was just off of the Morgans' dock, the temperature and feet were the same. At site two, we were in twelve feet of water and the temperature was 22 degrees C. This site was the coldest because a spring enters into the river at that area, which is one-fourth mile north of the bridge. At site three, we were in nine feet of water and the temperature was twenty-four degrees C. At site 4 we were in fifteen feet of water and the temperature was twenty-four degrees C. When we got back to the school, Jay and I tested the Ph levels of the water, which, thankfully all came out to be neutral. After lunch, Dustin Harrell taught Nolan and I how to test dissolved oxygen in the water. It was a long process but we did it and the results were fantastic.

Day 4
On day four, my group and I went kayaking on the river with Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Linda Morgan, Mrs. Lydia Bullard, and Steven Carter. About twenty minutes into the trip, Taylor Bentley, who was racing Nolan and Christopher, flipped out of his kayak and then used his super strength to get back in without pushing off of the river bottom. When we were halfway to the Cox's farm, a turtle popped up in front of me and scared me really bad. Once we got there, we ate lunch and Mrs. Tina Cox drove us around in an awesome jeep.

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Comment by Vicki Davis on May 16, 2009 at 10:36pm
I've been trying to tag your posts "science" but it won't let me. You need to tag these.
Comment by Vicki Davis on May 16, 2009 at 10:35pm
It was very impressive to watch you testing the water.

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