Flint River Project

An immersive authentic educational project by Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA US

Why did we choose the Flint River as our immersion project?

Several reasons prompted this choice. First, it is one of the county's greatest natural resources. It is rich with history and is an ideal subject for scientific exploration. Few people know that it has the longest free-flowing stretch of river of any river east of the Mississippi. It has a unique ecology and is a huge part of local recreation. Secondly, students need to understand and appreciate the river for itself and what it brings to our community. Hopefully, they will become future stewards of the river.
The third reason is purely personal for me. I grew up with the river. It was where I watched my siblings be baptized, where I caught my first fish, where I learned to swim, where I learned to ski (sort of). I have memories of family picnics, fishing with my brother, searching for Indian artifacts, going out in a wooden boat with a 5 horse power motor with my daddy at night to fish pots, fishing on weekends home from college with my future husband.. So much of my childhood was centered around the river. To this day, it brings me a sense of peace just to watch and listen to it flow.

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Comment by Vicki Davis on March 26, 2009 at 10:03am
I love the river! Will never forget when Daddy threw me in and told me to swim across. He said "you can't live in this neck of the woods if you've never swum across the flint." Of course, with rumors of the pollutants in the river, I wonder if it is safe to let my own kids swim across, life vest or not. Maybe that is something the scientists among us will do.

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